April 2014 – Easter in Moscow

It certainly wasn’t the same… at home we would have had easter chocolate, one too many Cadbury Creme Eggs (I would have had anyway), pastel coloured jelly beans, and time spent with family… but this was certainly a lovely Easter in its own right. The weather was incredible over the Easter weekend; plus 15 degrees Celsius on Saturday and plus 20 Sunday. There was an Easter festival throughout the centre of the city, which entailed of some of the pedestrian streets having small Easter markets with gifts and food. We decided to walk some of the markets on each day in order to enjoy the weather and see what we could see.

We saw plenty of Kulich (like cake) while we were out, though ashamedly, I did not remember to take a picture of any! My husband had some at work and said it reminded him of a cupcake and that it was quite good. (He didn’t do it quite the right way, from what we understand, Kulich should be blessed by a priest before it is enjoyed by family and friends, but I think they had a good time sharing it none-the-less :) ) There were plenty of other things to see along the market streets too. Nikolskaya had beautiful, large, painted Easter Eggs, and Arbat had the usual buskers and entertainment added to the mix. It made for two great days of relaxing site-seeing, with a bit of a holiday spin.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, and had a fantastic Easter of your own.







20140420_17365820140420_17370320140420_224438Take care until next time,


Things I Love – Places of Beauty – Moscow

I’m amazed every time we leave our door. Moscow has so many little (and grand) and unique places of beauty. Every corner seems to hold something new and fantastical. It is so wonderful to be in a city that has a history, no matter how complex, when compared to where I am from. Calgary is a fantastic city, but it’s not a very old one, we just don’t get the splendour of architecture there, that we do here. Here are some random pictures from our past few weeks around the city:







20140406_014148 DSCN2978 DSCN2989 DSCN2990 DSCN2996 DSCN3000 DSCN3013


That’s all for now,

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Pretty Pink Lipstick

Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick in 03 Crystal Pink

Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick in 03 Crystal Pink

Wearing Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick in 03 Crystal Pink

Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick in 03 Crystal Pink $26USD

I haven’t had much luck with pink lipsticks. Some appear faded (too pastel?) and can make me seem washed out. Some are too brown/beige, and others are too bright/neon.

I think this lipstick by Estee Lauder is the perfect blend. It’s just bright enough to make it appear as though I am healthy and awake, and it has a bit of beige to keep it nude/neutral. The formula goes on smoothly. It has a unique shine to it that really picks up the light. It makes teeth appear whiter. It lasts for quite a while but can require a touch-up after eating or as the day wears on.

I went through plenty of pink lipsticks until I found this. It is now my absolute favourite. Just thought I’d share in case you are looking for a new pink to try yourself.

That’s all for now,

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Spring Fling: Nail Polish Pairing

Today has been the first sunny day in a little while as winter has been spitting out the last bits of snow it had stocked up. It was quite dismal before and I was needing some colour in my life so I picked up these polishes at the drugstore. The first thing I noticed about these polishes was the size! Anyone know why nail polish bottles are so tiny in Russia? The second thing I noticed was the colour… blessed sweet colour. It’s been uplifting to look down and see these brights!

These are my base and top coat polishes (brought with me from North America):

Nail Top & Base Coat

These are L’Oreal Color Riche Polishes in Ingenious Rose and Exotic Grenade:

L'Oreal Color Riche Nail Polishes



20140408_09343020140408_093406That’s all for now!

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April 1st, April Fools’ (April 2014)

Today is April 1st and looking outside it would appear that nature has had its joke on us – there really is no spring…

What it should look like…

Spring Yankee Candle


What it does look like…

Candle with Snow Behind

The picture does not do the snow, limited view, and high winds justice. Suffice it to say, the only spring I will enjoy today is from the picture on my candle.

I hope that you are having nicer weather where you are. Enjoy your April 1st, and be sharp today lest you be an April Fool.

Take care,


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